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Summer of Giles 2017 is now open for 2017!

Remember, you should only post on your assigned days with the exception of July 31st which is a free for all day. Obviously there are timezone variations which may mean overlap in some cases, but if you blatantly post on someone else's day, we will be strict about it.

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Finally as a headsup, there will be some Drabble Challenge days organised by the mods. The first of these will run from Tuesday June 6th to Thursday 8th June when we will play last line/ first line drabbles. See this post in [community profile] giles_shorts to get the general idea. Full details on the first day.

Now, let the festivities begin!
Title: Ship to Wreck
Chapter: 2/?
Author: punch_kicker15
Rating: NC-17 (for the entire work, this chapter is PG.)
Genre: Angst, smut
Characters/Relationships: Willow/Giles, background Oz/Willow
Summary: Set in an AU in which Giles never summoned Eyghon or returned to the Watcher’s Council. During the events of Wild at Heart, Willow makes an intense connection with the new magic shop owner.
Chapter Summary: Giles takes Willow out to lunch.

Word count: 1549
Chapter 1 is here:

Ship to Wreck, Chapter 2
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What a fabulous final week we've had! There's a mighty array of fic and art below to get your teeth into. More than I can possibly summarise (I know, I have failed at the last hurdle, but I will get caught up during the next week).

+ Promises (Giles, FRC) by will_conqueror1

+ Ship to Wreck (Giles/Willow, FRAO) by punch_kicker15

+ The Wedding of Frog Fears and Anthropomorphic Nonsense 3/? (Giles/Willow, FRAO) by punch_kicker15

+ Lesson the First (Giles, FRT) by aadler

+ Little Miss Matchmaker 1/? (Giles/Buffy FRT) by horrorfangirl

+ Potential (Giles, Faith FRT) by aaronlisa

+ In a Corner of My Soul: I Robot You Jane 4/4 (Giles, group FRT) by dragonyphoenix

+ Rupert Giles’ Performance Appraisal July 31 1997 (Giles, FRT) by punch_kicker15

+ Private Life 2-5/5 (Giles/Wesley FRT) by protoneoromantic

+ Thin Ice (Giles/Buffy FRAO) by obviously5believers

+ Magister 3 Chapter 19/21, 20/21, 21/21 (Giles/Willow, Giles/Ethan FRM) by gilescandy

+ All Of Him - Book Cover (Giles, Buffy Worksafe) by littleotter73

+ Ripper manip (Giles, Worksafe) by restfield

+ Giles, Oz, Books and Music (Giles, Oz Worksafe) by emmatheslayer

Many, many thanks to everyone who contributed these last two months. Whether it be fic, art, vid or equally importantly dropping a few kind words in feedback. You guys are what keep this comm alive!

My thanks also to my co-mod [personal profile] littleotter73 who, for the second year running, has had to pick up the reins as I dealt with family issues. You rock, my friend!

This comm is now closed for the year but if you are itching to take part in more Gilesy challenges, then our little sibling site [community profile] giles_shorts has re-opened for prompts, games and chat. Come check it out. In the meantime, thanks again for making [community profile] summer_of_giles the sizzlingist event ever!

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This is the end!  Thank you all for following me through this long journey.  For the last two and a half months I haven't watch any new drama on tv or started any new video games, just so I could concentrate on this story.  I hope you enjoy my creation.  Love you all.

Thanks to Protoneoromantic.  Her beta work made this story better than it ever would have been.

Full series HERE.

Ch. 21 - The Choice )
31 July 2017 @ 05:50 pm
 And for the free day, the final chapters of Magister 3!  Yay!!!
Ch. 19 - Comes the End )
31 July 2017 @ 09:32 pm
A quick Ripper manip for free-for-all day.
Under the cut )
31 July 2017 @ 08:25 pm
Title: Thin Ice
Rating: NC-17/FRAO
Pairing: Giles/Buffy
Setting: Post Chosen, no comics
Word Count: 821
Warnings: Mild kink, explicit sex
A/N: Not beta'd. I'm attempting a multi-chapter fic, but I'm horrible at actually updating, so I apologise in advance for the time it'll take me between chapters.

Summary: Buffy is introduced to a new way to view her Watcher.

Chapter 1

Read chapter 1 here )

31 July 2017 @ 10:39 am
Title: Private Life
Author: protoneoromantic
Rating: T (Adult Sexual Situations +Vampiers+hanging around in bars+drinking and driving=T rating)
Paring: Giles/Wesley
Word Count for this post: 6492
Summary: One lonely Watcher walks into a bar, to meet someone he found in the personal ads, only to discover they have more in common than either of them realize.
Setting: Season 3, between 'The Zepo' and 'Bad Girls'
Beta: Thanks to Giles Candy for invaluable betaing on chapters 2 and 3. As for the rest, I procrastinated too much. All mistakes are mine.
A/N: Written for Summer of Giles 2017.
A/N 2: Written because of a conversation in the comments to Whose Line Is It Anyway on AO3

Chapter Two: Aggravation with the Proper Stranger

Read more... )
Artist: littleotter73
Title: All of Him
Rating: Worksafe
A/N: This is the book cover to my fic All of Him. The background image is taken from a photo I took. The image of Buffy and Giles is taken from a screenshot (I believe).

(click image to embiggen)
For my final offering this year, I give you Rupert Giles' Performance Appraisal, dated July 31, 1997.

Title: Rupert Giles' Performance Appraisal, July 31, 1997
Author: punch_kicker15
Rating: PG-13
Fandoms: BtVS
Characters: Giles
The Watchers Council's performance appraisal of Giles for Season One.
Word count: 1348
1) Invaluable beta assistance by my long-suffering husband.
2) Opinions expressed by The Council may not reflect the author's opinions.
Edited to add:
3) Thanks to [personal profile] gillo for a super helpful Britpicking beta read.
4) Link to DW entry (with Britpicking edits incorporated) is here.
5) Prettier-formatted pdf (with Britpicking edits incorporated) is available here
30 July 2017 @ 08:07 pm
Title: Potential
Author: [personal profile] aaronlisa
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Rupert Giles, Faith Lehane
Rating: FR13
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer belongs to Joss Whedon and company.
Notes: Set pre-series. Very AU. Written for the 2017 [community profile] summer_of_giles.
Summary: What if Giles wasn't chosen to be Buffy's Watcher.
Word Count: 621

the tea has a pleasant... )
29 July 2017 @ 10:52 pm
Title: Little Miss Matchmaker
Author: [personal profile] horrorfangirl 
Fandom: Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Summary: Giles’ sister Eva returns to help her brother with his love life by setting up a blind date with his Slayer.
Sequel to: A Conversation Between Siblings
Word Count: 256
Characters: Rupert Giles, Buffy Summers, Eva Giles. (O.C)
Rated: Teen
Disclaimer: All the characters (expect for Eva she’s mine!) belongs to Joss Whedon, M.E. and Fox. 
Little Miss Match-maker Pt. 1 )
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Title: “Lesson the First”
Author: Aadler
Rating: G
Genre: Retrospective
Characters/Relationships: Giles (some background Giles/Olivia)
Summary: A small tale of little importance … or maybe more than that.
Word count: 2,106

“Lesson the First”: at LiveJournal – at Dreamwidth
Good morning, everyone. Today's entry is another short chapter in the iPhone saga.

Title: The Wedding of Frog Fears and Anthropomorphic Nonsense

Chapter: 3/?

Author: punch_kicker15

Rating: PG-13

Characters/Relationships: established Willow/Giles, other relationships to be named later.

Summary: When Willow and Giles' iPhones decide to get married, and an ill-timed wish gets made, chaos inevitably ensues.

Word count: 421

Notes: This is a sequel to my story The Love Song of Frog Fears and Anthropomorphic Nonsense.

Chapter 3: Planning

24 July 2017 @ 07:42 pm

Title: Promises
Author: Will_conqueror1
Rating: FRC
Summary: The day Rupert was born Clara made a promise to look after her little brother. Over the years she took many opportunities to make good on that promise.
Word Count: ~2400

A/N: This is a prequel to my Misadventures of Ru and Clara series, which is unfortunately not yet ready to post, but in the meantime I have this series of snapshots from Clara’s point of view, to introduce you to the characters. The Misadventures series is a prequel to my Chronicles of Ripper series.
A/N: Thanks to Littleotter73 for the Beta and for all her help and guidance as I try to get this series off the ground.


Read more... )

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It’s been another banner week here at Summer of Giles! On the visual arts front, we have a lovely portrait of Giles and video highlighting Giles and Dawn’s relationship. In fic, we’ve been taken along Giles’ extremely dark and self destructive path during his time running around London, and we’ve also experienced a mundane day in the life of a Watcher posted on the Hellmouth. We also had an update to the post-Chosen “Ripper” story, experienced hijinx when Giles and Willow’s iPhones decided to get married, and were treated to the conclusion of Part IV of the Sanctuary Series titled Labyrinth.

Please remember to leave love and comments for our content creators. Feedback has been very sparse this year and everyone has worked so hard to make Summer of Giles a fun and wonderful experience this summer. So please, read, view, and show your appreciation.

And lastly, authors and artists, please remember to tag your entries.

+ Mr Giles the Watcher (Giles, Worksafe) by kuwlshadow

+ A Father’s Love (Giles, Dawn, Worksafe) by wakeupinacoma

+ Nights of Blood and Glory (Giles/Ethan, FRM) by 0_ruthless_0

+ Dry Cleaners (Giles, FRC) by lycomingst

+ Ripper - Part 1; Welcome to Westbury Part 3 - What We Are Fighting For (Giles, Cordelia, FRT) by wakeupinacoma

+ The Wedding of Frog Fears and Anthropomorphic Nonsense (Giles/Willow, FRT) by punch_kicker15

+ Sanctuary IV: Labyrinth (Giles/Buffy, FRAO) by DHW

Coming Up
fannieboone, punch_kicker15, emmatheslayer, horrorfangirl, aadler, aaronlisa
23 July 2017 @ 11:48 pm
Title: Labyrinth
Author: [livejournal.com profile] darkheartwalsh
Rating: FRAO
Setting: Several years post-Chosen, no comics
Pairing: Giles/Buffy
Word Count: Approx 9,500
Warnings: Mild kink, explicit sex (you know the drill…)

A/N: The continuing saga of the PWP that ran away and developed some semblance of a plot.

Thank you very much to [personal profile] dragonyphoenix, who was kind enough to swap posting days with me after my catastrophic technical failure last week.

It's an AO3 only link today (apologies), as DW is buggering around with formatting. Urgh.

These are the concluding chapters (3 and 4) of Part IV in the Sanctuary Series. You can find the other parts of this series linked below.

PART I – Sanctuary
PART II – Anchor
PART III – Confluence
PART IV - Labyrinth (chp. 1+2)

Dating is a minefield. And that’s just when you’re single, nevermind in a definitely-not-a-relationship with a man who might technically be your boss.

If Buffy were a betting woman, she’d put money on Giles being jealous. But she isn’t, and he’s definitely not.


PART IV – Labyrinth