Title: The Wedding of Frog Fears and Anthropomorphic Nonsense
Chapter: 2/?
Author: punch_kicker15
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Relationships: established Willow/Giles, other relationships to be named later.
Summary: When Willow and Giles' iPhones decide to get married, and an ill-timed wish gets made, chaos inevitably ensues.
Word count: 909
Notes: This is a sequel to my story The Love Song of Frog Fears and Anthropomorphic Nonsense.

Title: The Wedding of Frog Fears and Anthropomorphic Nonsense
Chapter: 1/?
Author: punch_kicker15
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Relationships: established Willow/Giles, other relationships to be named later.
Summary: When Willow and Giles' iPhones decide to get married, and an ill-timed wish gets made, chaos inevitably ensues.
Word count: 596
Notes: This is a sequel to my story The Love Song of Frog Fears and Anthropomorphic Nonsense. People with long memories may remember that I wrote and posted the first chapter of this story to Summer of Giles a few years ago.

Crisis )
21 July 2017 @ 10:14 pm
I went into the surgery tonight to find out when I might get my test results and how I might get my test results.  As I explained to the receptionist, the GP I saw didn't say anything about when or how I would get my test results.  She said "we usually tell people about a week and then you have to ring the secretary".  I looked blank.  She said "Most people know this".  I looked blank.  As I've probably seen a doctor fewer than a dozen times in the last 13 years, I don't generally have test results, so don't know this.  She then said "But I suppose not everyone knows!"

She asked who is my GP.  I couldn't remember, as my named GP has changed 3 times in the last 3 years and I couldn't remember where the music had stopped.  So she looked it up and gave me a newsletter and circled the name of my GP's secretary.  I can ring between 9 and 3 on a weekday to get my results.  

I now have the newsletter stuck on my noticeboard at home so I have some idea of who to call in the future.
The reveals are now up over at [livejournal.com profile] sshg_promptfest . Please head over and spread a little love to all the authors and artist - I fully intend to over the next few days (I have so much to catch up on!).

Here is mine, which also happens to be my first foray into Discworld. Let's hope I did it some small justice. *grins*

Title: Almost Like Magic
Prompter: [livejournal.com profile] delphipsmith 
Beta(s): The lovely, LJ-less RNR
Rating: PG-13
Warning(s): None.
Prompt: Snape has been appointed a lecturer at Unseen University; he and Hermione attend their first faculty soiree.

Hogwarts' newest Professor is in a bit of a pickle. Hot on the heels of one of the country's most dangerous magical creatures, she's only gone and found herself transported to another world mid-chase. A world that is flat and disc-shaped, where magic doesn't work quite as it's supposed to, and where the local Librarian has a distinct taste for bananas. It's unfortunate, too, that this new world is also home to the last person she wants to see.

Oh, and there's still the matter of that creature to deal with.


You can read it



HERE over at AO3
17 July 2017 @ 11:53 am
Or maybe it's just the past week or so. I went to New Orleans... )
15 July 2017 @ 10:30 pm
via alatefeline: The wonderful [personal profile] conuly has been attempting to feed, medicate, and shelter two semi-feral kittens, and has finally got them into a safe contained space. Anyone in the greater NYC area interested in two baby kitties who are a bit wild and shy but young enough to learn to love people? If not, once they've been checked up and cleaned up and properly treated for eye troubles, they'll be headed to a shelter.

15 July 2017 @ 09:52 pm
I am now the proud owner of a decorative mac book-shaped brick. A brick containing 8,000+ words of Sanctuary, Part IV, and no current way of retrieving said words until I get home on Monday.

Today is my posting day at SoG.

I also had a migraine.

Fuck everything.
15 July 2017 @ 09:37 pm
I went for my second GP appointment yesterday morning.  My appointment was 8.34.  I was there by 8.30.  Some minutes later, a bloke who was sitting with his wife was called in.  Fifteen minutes later, he came out and his wife went in.  She emerged at 9am and I got called in at 9.10.  So in 2 appointments, I sat and waited for over an hour past my appointment time, despite arriving 5 minutes before my stated time.  I can get that by 5pm, there may be a bit of a back log or overrun, but at 8.30 in the morning, it's a bit much to be running 30 minutes late.

On a more positive note, Despicable Me 3 is hilarious.  Yeah, there's stuff for kids in there, but they wouldn't get most of the decent jokes.  
15 July 2017 @ 04:44 pm
Oh. My. Goddess! Yes!

15 July 2017 @ 09:38 am
Science for Babies!

From the article: The books introduce subjects like rocket science, quantum physics and general relativity — with bright colors, simple shapes and thick board pages perfect for teething toddlers. The books make up the Baby University series — and each one begins with the same sentence and picture — This is a ball — and then expands on the titular concept.

Also: Henry, meanwhile, gives the books a qualified endorsement. "I like it half and I didn't like it half," says Henry. The half he didn't like? It's "for babies."

14 July 2017 @ 11:47 pm

This makes me happy
It's been announced that this Sunday, after the Wimbledon men's championship, the new Doctor will be introduced.

I have the following thoughts:

1) I know, intellectually, that it is time for P Cap and S Moffat to go. But I am not looking forward to Chibnall as show runner, and I am very very worried about who will be the next Doctor.

2) This worry is displacement for larger political and personal worries, I assure you. But still.

3) I DON'T WANT IT TO BE KRIS MARSHALL. He seems like a lovely chap, but NO NO NO.

4) I have a list of white boys I'd like to see as the Doctor, but really, I don't think it's the time.

5) Am sad that Adrian Lester has taken himself out of the running, but then I want him to be Aziraphale in Gaiman's Good Omens miniseries anyway.

6) I will be traveling (back to see my father, who is lingering on despite all odds) during the announcement and that is also stressing me out.

In conclusion, P Cap.

Hugs to all!
13 July 2017 @ 07:31 pm
I went into the GP surgery on Monday to make an appointment.  The receptionist asked what it was about and I said it was about my girl bits, so she asked if I'd prefer a female doctor.  I said I didn't really mind, as I assumed the male doctors will have seen it all before, but she gave me a woman doctor.  

The appointment was 5.10 on Tuesday, so I finished work at 5 and walked across the road and arrived at 5.05 (the joy of working in town!).  Two people went in before me and I was finally called at just after 5.35.  I could have stayed at work and got some more stuff done (and another half hour on my flexi time).  When I got into the surgery, there were two young men there and the GP said "I've got a couple of medical students with me, is that OK?"  Given half my family worked in education and the other half are medics, I can't really complain.  I suppose they have to learn sometime!  

When I told her what my problem was, she said she'd need to do some tests which were better off done in the morning (not entirely sure why), so she booked me in for tomorrow at 8.30.  Not really a problem, except I've got a few days off and and heading to the coast for the weekend.  At least it will get me out of bed earlier than I would probably get up on a day off.   

So tomorrow I'm taking my bicycle and going to Norfolk.  The weather is looking passable but not great.  Must pack waterproofs, warm weather kit, pullover, gloves, etc.  Standard British summer gear!

My phone got a little too intimate with a bowl of water the other day and decided it wasn't going to play any more.  Fortunately, I have enough spare phones that I could swap the sim into another one and did the trick of putting the damp one in a bag of rice in the airing cupboard.  That dried it out sufficiently to get it going again. In the meantime, it was Amazon Prime Day.  I've been eyeing up new phones for a while - preferably one with dual sim slots.  While I was checking out all the things I don't really have the money to buy, I came across a Wileyfox phone at a big enough discount that it was worth having.  They were also selling Mango and Raspberry vodka at a hefty reduction.  So I bought £250 of phone and vodka for £170.  

I spent last evening setting up the new phone and turning off all the annoying things that I don't want popping up all over the place.  As with all of my devices, the phone has a name.  Phones are named after TV characters and have a suitable picture as wallpaper.  This one is named after the Hand of the Queen.  Not that I'm counting the days until Sunday, or anything.  As ever, I ordered a case for the phone.  The phone arrived yesterday.  The case was due to arrive today.  I got an email with the driver's name and an hour slot for my delivery.  Then I got an email to say that the named driver couldn't deliver my package, as he couldn't find the address!  I'm not sure how yesterday's unnamed driver managed to get here at no specific time but the named driver couldn't find it today.  Oh, well.  It's not like I wanted the case before I go away for a few days with my new phone, or anything like that.
12 July 2017 @ 10:45 pm
NPRs list of 100 favorite comics and graphic novels includes Stand Still Stay Silent which I know someone on my list raves about every once in a while. Also, O Human Star, which I adore. But no Strangers in Paradise. Really? What's up with that? 

12 July 2017 @ 12:30 am
A few years ago we had the front of our house paved with bricks, replacing some very shabby and broken asphalt. Since then the 'new yard' has done well.

Then my dear husband bought a pressure washer )
10 July 2017 @ 11:49 pm
Just a couple of drabbles for [personal profile] littleotter73 's birthday! Hope your day is wonderful, my dear!

Sandalwood )

Best Laid Plans )

10 July 2017 @ 10:34 am
My car was hit yesterday. As I was moving on a green light, a young man tried to change lanes but didn't see my car. The paint was scraped along the side of my car and the front fender crumbled in on his. I thought I was fine at first but my knee aches and my back aches. ;-(
09 July 2017 @ 03:54 pm
As you may have heard Photobucket wants to charge $400 per year to allow you to post a photo on a third party site. I have been having a frustrating time finding some place that will replace it; things don't work well with Chrome. I've had an endless loop of stupid with Flicker that I had a account with at one time but now remember nothing about it. Anyway, Photobucket is allowing (just, I think)paid accounts that are in good standing to do the usual thing until 2018.

So this is what I wanted to post. I said you had to add booze to win )

I'm trying to do some walking for exercise and my reward was getting a blister on my bunion.