ext_132301 ([identity profile] pixelleate.livejournal.com) wrote in [community profile] summer_of_giles2006-07-15 10:26 am

Build Your Own Giles/Buffy Layout Kit - ver. Shadows

Choose the banner, the icon, the colors, the accessories. Feel free to customize with your own text or use one of the finished banners. Use the hex codes on the color chart to get the right look for your layout.

Credit is always appreciated...but not necessary. Just be sure to save the images to your own image host!


Friends Only Banners


User Info Bars

Color Chart

B/G manip by the very talented [livejournal.com profile] wickedfox
Screencaps - Screencap Paradise
Textures - oxoniensis-art.net & Wall Textures

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