26 July 2015 @ 02:26 pm

Still working on 'One Mistake...' but the next chapter just isn't flowing like I want it too.
This is something I found on my computer with the note - Ready to Post - I didn't find it posted anywhere so I believe it is new.

Life After Buffy )


This song has a lot of meaning for me.
I wanted to present it in a different light.

What happens when the Watcher/Slayer bond is severed?

This is a continuation of a Fic I started last summer. A link to the beginning chapter can be found Here.

18 The Sylph Won't Go Quietly )


Please Note the change in Rating from FRT to FRAO.
My naughty muse won the argument  on the direction of the fic.

Getting to Know You )

This is a continuation of my submitted work for SOG 2013.

As the title states, mistakes can be a life changing event. What starts as friendship can become something more.

A/N I wasn't sure of the direction this story was going to go but as you can see I have changed it to a Giles/Buffy story. The rating remains at FR-T unless my naughty muse steps in.

Living Arangements )

See Prologue for disclaimer.

I am working diligently on getting the rest done. Real life stepped in and kind of threw my days all out of whack.

The Long Wait )


See Prologue for summary and disclaimer.

Warning: Bumping this chapter to FRM as it deals with the possible loss of an unborn child and some readers may find it difficult to read. Please I don’t mean to offend or make light of a very delicate subject.

There will be more chapters. I have to recreate chapter six as I inadvertently over wrote it.
I know how the story is ending so have no fear it will be completed.

Ready or Not )