08 June 2017 @ 07:10 pm
Title: Customer Service
Characters: Anya, Giles
Rating: PG
Last line to be used as my first: “Too big for the sink.” (Thanks, [personal profile] il_mio_capitano)

Too big for the sink. Luckily, she’d come prepared. Anya grabbed the chainsaw.
“What in the world are you doing?” Giles bellowed.
Human expressions were so tricky sometimes. Case in point, Giles looked furious, but why?
“I'm preparing a sale, obviously. Serving our customer base. Paying your rent.”
Giles edged closer, then jerked away, covering his nose and mouth in — disgust — Anya ventured a guess.
“Good Lord! Is that a Kungai demon? In my kitchen?”
“Don’t be ridiculous!” Anya patted the Tak horn through her steel-reinforced glove. “The whole demon’s eight-foot tall, five hundred pounds. This is just the head.”
07 June 2017 @ 04:34 pm
Title: Anticipation
Characters: Giles
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 100
Setting: BtVS Season 2, Episode 17
Last line to be used as my first: “Giles started counting.” (Kudos to [personal profile] wakeupinacoma for the zinger!)

Giles started counting.

Thick with anticipation, the air congealed around him, almost immobilizing. He needed to focus on something tangible to calm his quickening breaths, to tame his bursting heart, to rein in his mind, racing wild.

So he narrowed his focus on the immediate: The stairs he could no longer feel beneath his feet. The gentle sways of his arm, the soft clicks of the bottle against the wine glasses in his hand. The scattered rose petals, a deep maroon almost black in the darkness. The flickers of the votive candles that illuminated his path.

To where death awaited.
Hello, everyone! Thanks to the mods for hosting this wonderful space for all Giles fans! And thank you to my fellow fans! I'd hoped to have a long fic done by my posting day. Except RL had other plans for me. Oh well, may I present a short fic for your amusement:

Title: Someone (Or, The Watcher's Night Off Continues)
Characters: Giles/Joyce (BtVS)
Setting: Season 4
Length: ~1330
Rated: G
Author's Note: This ficlet can be read as a standalone, or as Part 3 of a trio of Musical Giles shorts. The other two stories are: Part 1: "Lust at First Sight" (Giles, OC; Length: 572, PG). Part 2: "The Watcher's Night Off" (Giles; Length: 340, G). Unbeta'd as I just wrote it this morning in a fit of panic. RL, yo.
Feedback: Yes, yes, yes!!! Won't you please be so kind?

Gathering up his guitar and sheet music, Giles bowed graciously and murmured thank-you’s amidst a thunderous applause, a little dumbfounded at the warm reception....
Hi again! For the same reason my drabbles sometimes turn into chaptered fics, some of my icons (from the first post) turned into artworks that needed more pixels than a very disciplined and limited 100x100.

Feedback is most welcome! :)
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Hello everyone! Today's my posting day. Yay! Thanks to the mods for keeping the tea party going at Summer of Giles! And thanks for everyone for making this such a blast!

This time around I'm thinking in colors instead of words, so instead of fanfic, I'm pleased to offer a set of Gilesy icons. This is my very first time creating icons for LJ (I've just created a PhotoBucket for this purpose and read about uploading icons), so please let me know if anything's amiss. Also, I'd love to get honest feedback, including anonymously, if that'd make you feel more comfortable.

All icons are snaggable; please credit because that would just make my day to know someone out there is using an icon I created! :)

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