17 June 2016 @ 11:25 pm
To kick off my SOG contributions, I have some fun and games to play and download. Enjoy!

The first is a maze, help Giles rescue the Scoobies from the Haunted House!

Help Giles Save the Scoobies! )

The second is a word search with a trivia element.

Beneath the cut is a list of fourteen Giles quotes from various episodes from all seven seasons. You must first figure out what episode the quote is from, and then you can search for the episode title in the puzzle.

What did Giles say? )

SPOILER ALERT: The list of episodes for the word search… )
09 July 2015 @ 03:08 am
To start us off today, I have another game! This was so successful and fun over at [livejournal.com profile] watcherjournals a few years back.

Let's play Mad Libs with Giles!

These are word fill-in games. You are provided a list of types of words needed to fill in the story (ex. noun, verb, adjective, etc.). Select random words for each type and fill them in to their appropriate spot when you read the story. It usually makes a pretty crazy and hilarious story! Have fun!

Mad Lib 1: Word List

1. noun
2. adjective
3. adjective
4. noun
5. verb
6. plural noun
7. noun
8. number
9. verb, ending in –ing
10. adjective
11. noun
12. person (plural)
13. time of day
14. person (plural)
15. noun
16. number
17. body part
18. plural noun
19. verb, ending in –ing
20. number
21. adverb
22. color
23. plural noun
24. location

Once you've made your list of words, fill them in to the story below the cut!

Mad Lib 1: Introduction Page from the Watcher's Handbook )

Mad Lib 2: Word List

1. body part
2. demon
3. number
4. animal (plural)
5. adverb
6. verb ending in –ing
7. number
8. noun
9. band name
10. adjective
11. location
12. verb
13. weapon
14. adverb
15. number
16. body part
17. adjective
18. noun
19. noun
20. piece of clothing

Mad Lib 2: Miniature Problems )

Feel free to post your word lists in the comments (just mark which story it goes to), so we can all join in the hilarity! :D
10 June 2015 @ 12:39 am
I can’t believe it’s another year, and summer already! I’m thrilled to be a part of SOG again, and much thanks to our lovely mods for hosting us all. I know I said this last year, but I do mean it - I’m very behind on reading and commenting on SOG posts and I will continue to go through, so don’t get confused when you get comments on previous years’ posts! RL really shouldn’t interrupt fandom. Ha! :P

A few years ago, I started something a little different in SOG - fun and games with Giles! To start things off, I wanted to do that again, but with all new games and trivia.

First up, a Giles-centric word search! There are 15 Giles-associated words to find in a puzzle. If you get stumped the answers are highlighed in a cap at the bottom.

Giles Word Association Search )

Our second fun game is a trivia challenge! This time, all questions revolve around the great man that brought Rupert Giles to life - Anthony Stewart Head! Let’s see how much you know about the man behind the Watcher...

Answers are at the bottom.

Who are you ASH? )

Third and final game is another version of name-that-episode! This time, I’ve cropped caps of Giles holding and using different tools and items throughout the series. See if you can spot which episode each picture is from! Answers are at the bottom, all caps are from Lady Manson.

What are you holding, Giles? )

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in posting today! I had too many ideas and plans rolling around for my second posting day, and in the end, I've decided to do something completely different! (mods....I hope this is okay....!!!)

It's fun and games with Giles!

::cue game show music::

First, let's start off with a fill-in-the-quote crossword puzzle! I have complete faith that all you Giles fans will recognize these quotes. Should you need the answers, though, I will post them under a cut at the bottom of this post.

What did Giles say? )

Our second fun and games is a Giles trivia challenge! I have tried to come up with some great questions that you may know right off the bat, or may take you a little rewatching to remember! Again, answers at the bottom under a cut.

How well do you know Mr. Giles? )

Our third and final game involves knowing the episodes visually. A small cropped image of Giles will be provided and you'll need to....Name That Episode! )

I can't really give out prizes, but I'm happy to make a "hooray!" or "congrats!" icon for anyone who wants one! Just message me with a request!


Thanks for playing!