26 June 2017 @ 09:28 am
TITLE: Lessons
AUTHOR: cassie
CHARACTERS: Giles & Buffy, mentions of Potentials and Dawn
LENGTH: 670 words
SUMMARY: The world is safe (AGAIN) but now there are a bunch of new Slayers who haven't even finished High School. Giles plans to fix that.
NOTES: Thanks to Quaggy for suggesting I participate, the encouragement and the beta. All inconsistencies are mine.

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16 June 2017 @ 06:58 pm
Title: Kids Today 
Author: [personal profile] quaggy 
Rating: PG/FRC
Setting: Comic!verse inspired 
Pairing(s): Nothing overt
Word Count: about 2000
Summary: Still the body of his younger self, Giles watches over Buffy after she too is de-aged.
Warnings: Nope
Notes: This takes roughly place sometime after Season 10 of the comics, but be warned, this is written by someone who has only skimmed the comics. That's why I say it's comic!verse inspired, not necessarily compliant. And a HUGE thank you to [personal profile] littleotter73  for the speedy beta. 

If you prefer, you will also find it on my DW and over here on AO3. I'm happy to receive feedback in any of these places.

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16 June 2017 @ 11:00 am
Title: People Watching
Series: Est Omne Iustus Academici
Author: [personal profile] quaggy 
Rating: G/FRC
Setting: Post-Chosen, shortly before the season 5 Angel episode "The Girl in Question", but you don't have to watch that episode to know what's going on.
Pairing(s): Giles/Buffy
Word Count: a little over 2000
Summary: The observations made in an airport about a woman named Buffy.
Warnings: Nope
Notes: This is the start of series that I plan (eventually) to tell out of chronological sequence. It's a little light on the Giles, but I'll be posting something later to make up for it.

If you prefer, you can also find it on my DW and over here on AO3. I'm happy to receive feedback in any of these places.

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14 June 2017 @ 10:30 am
Title: Alternate Plans
Author: [personal profile] quaggy 
Rating: G/FRC
Setting: Post-ep for "Tabula Rasa"
Pairing(s): mild Giles/Buffy
Word Count: about 2000
Summary: After the events at the Magic Box, Buffy makes a request that could change her whole life.
Warnings: Nope
Notes: Believe it or not, this started as a 100 word drabble for [community profile] giles_shorts that grew to epic proportions. I decided that it would be better here.

If you prefer, you can also find it on my DW and over here on AO3. I'm happy to receive feedback in any of these places.

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08 June 2017 @ 11:58 pm

 The Thaw
Characters: Giles, Buffy
Word Count: 100

There were just some things he didn’t want to know. When Buffy seemingly moved all her belongings into his home, he didn’t ask why, or for how long. He only counted his blessings she was there… with him.


In his quiet moments, he could pretend. Pretend she was staying. Pretend that anything salvageable between them hadn’t been sealed with the Hellmouth beneath the rubble that was Sunnydale.


Days turned to months and months to seasons. She offered no answers, but the awkwardness between them melted in the spring thaw. Finding her amidst the meadows, Giles finally invited her to stay.

08 June 2017 @ 01:39 pm
Title: Remember to Ask Your Watcher
Characters: Buffy & her Watchers
Rating: G/FRC
Word count: 100
Last line / first line: "Something to ask her Watcher as soon as he stopped seeing stars."
Notes: Directly related to a certain scene in 1x07.

Something to ask her Watcher, as soon as he stopped seeing stars, was why he bothered to train her in the quarterstaff, at all. She used stakes.

“Because it’s good physical conditioning,” said Merrick. “Once you’ve advanced a bit more, we’ll start training you in weapons that you’ll actually find useful on a hunt.”

But, months later, it was a different Watcher who began her weapons training. And he picked a quarterstaff, of all things, to start her off with. Seriously. She’d have to ask him if he ever bothered to read Merrick’s journals. Right after she kicked his butt.
06 June 2017 @ 04:09 pm
Title: Routine
Word Count:
Characters: Buffy with a mention of Giles

In the darkness there was the sound of screaming and the scent of dust upon the midnight breeze: the hallmark of a routine patrol on an ordinary night in a dingy town founded atop the mouth of hell. No big.


Buffy casually twirled her stake. Five tonight. Three journeymen with a yen to take on the Slayer and two hapless fledglings. She wasn’t sure why they were called fledglings. Maybe it had something to do with the whole vamps turning into bats thing. Was that even a thing?


Something to ask her Watcher as soon as he stopped seeing stars.

**Edited to fix the first line. I had originally copied it down incorrectly.

05 June 2017 @ 02:25 pm
Title: Dénouement
Author: [personal profile] quaggy
Rating: PG-13/FRT
Setting: Post-Chosen
Pairing(s): mild Giles/Buffy, mentions Robin/Faith and Spike/Buffy
Word Count: about 5800
Summary: Buffy and Giles tie up some loose ends after the events of Chosen and, with a little help from her Watcher, Buffy finally gets some much needed sleep
Warnings: Mild swearing and some non-sexualized nudity.
Notes: On the last day of SoG last year, I posted a WiP that I called What's Next. This is the (finally) completed fic. It picks up right after that last closing shot of Buffy smiling. (Also, while I didn't intend them to be companion pieces, my fic In Midst of the End does works as an effective prequel.) The movie that Buffy quotes is Hard Day's Night.

If you prefer, you can also find it on my DW and over here on AO3. I'll eventually get around to posting it on FF.Net too. I'm happy to receive feedback in any of those places.

What's Next? )
05 September 2016 @ 10:56 pm
Title: Somewhere Close By
          Part 1: Lost and Found
          Part 2: Early Morning Wake-Up Call
          Part 3: Not for the Faint of Heart
Author: Quaggy
Rating: G/FRC
Setting: Post-Chosen; no comics and no references to Angel Season 5
Pairings: Giles/Buffy
Notes: I apologize for the delay in posting this final part. I seemed to have been wrestling with it all summer (and a big thank you to [livejournal.com profile] littleotter73 for listening to me moan about it all summer!). I suppose it's appropriate that I'm finally posting on Labor Day, since that's traditionally been considered the end of summer in the States. Thank you to all for a wonderful time. I'm looking forward to next year already! (Oh, and I've posted it on AO3 for those that prefer that platform. I'll eventually put it up on FF.Net too.)

Not for the Faint of Heart )
31 July 2016 @ 02:08 pm
Title: What's Next? (Part of a larger, still-unfinished work)
Author: Quaggy
Rating: PG/FRT (Swearing)
Setting: Post-Chosen, immediately after.
Pairings: Giles/Buffy-ish (kind of, maybe)
Notes: I'm still working on the third part of Somewhere Close By. While I'm hoping I'll be done by tonight, I wanted to offer something up just in case. This is the first scene of a slightly longer work called Denouement, but I think it can hold up as a one-shot. (A few weeks ago, I had delusions that I would be able to finish both of these fics for today. Life, as it does, made short work of those plans.)
Summary:  In the moments after Sunnydale was destroyed, Giles tends to his Slayer.
ETA: It took almost a year, but I did finish and post the fic as part of 2017 SoG.
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31 July 2016 @ 07:00 am
I am very bad and forgot my posting day. Sorry!!!! Here is the video I had intended to post. I may have another one later today. So happy this open day is here at the end to save me.

I'm trying another video site since youtube slapped a copyright thing on a different video. Let me know if there are any problems.

26 July 2016 @ 08:00 am
Title: Giles the Watcher
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] kuwlshadow
Characters: Giles, Buffy
Rating: G
Medium: Pencil, Copic Marker, Photoshop

Artwork )
30 June 2016 @ 08:00 am
For my first day of [livejournal.com profile] summer_of_giles I bring you Giles icons and a Giles and Buffy wallpaper (from Prophecy Girl)

Want/Take/Have and edit as you please.

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Hi again! For the same reason my drabbles sometimes turn into chaptered fics, some of my icons (from the first post) turned into artworks that needed more pixels than a very disciplined and limited 100x100.

Feedback is most welcome! :)
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Hello everyone! Today's my posting day. Yay! Thanks to the mods for keeping the tea party going at Summer of Giles! And thanks for everyone for making this such a blast!

This time around I'm thinking in colors instead of words, so instead of fanfic, I'm pleased to offer a set of Gilesy icons. This is my very first time creating icons for LJ (I've just created a PhotoBucket for this purpose and read about uploading icons), so please let me know if anything's amiss. Also, I'd love to get honest feedback, including anonymously, if that'd make you feel more comfortable.

All icons are snaggable; please credit because that would just make my day to know someone out there is using an icon I created! :)

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20 June 2016 @ 11:32 pm
Title: Somewhere Close By
        Part 1: Lost and Found
        Part 2: Early Morning Wake-Up Call
        Part 3: Not for the Faint of Heart
Author: Quaggy
Rating: G/FRC
Setting: Post-Chosen; no comics and no references to Angel Season 5
Pairings: Giles/Buffy
Notes: I'll post Part 3 during the Open Day at the end of July.
Summary: Buffy plans for an apocalypse, mulls over her living situation, and tries to avoid some unwanted fluttery feelings for a certain Watcher.

Early Morning Wake-Up Call )
13 June 2016 @ 10:42 pm
Title: Somewhere Close By
         Part 1: Lost and Found
         Part 2: Early Morning Wake-Up Call
         Part 3: Not for the Faint of Heart
Author: Quaggy
Rating: G/FRC
Setting: Post-Chosen; no comics and no references to Angel Season 5
Pairings: Giles/Buffy
Notes: I got knocked down with a summer cold last week, so please excuse this fic's lateness and any typos I might have missed. On a historical note, this fic take place roughly sometime around 2004 or 2005. The first iPhone wasn't released unitl 2007. While there were BlackBerrys and other sorts of PDAs on the market, I'm assuming that both Giles and Buffy would opt, at least initially, for simple flip-phones.
Summary: Giles finds a bad day is much worse when his Slayer is missing.

Lost and Found )
08 June 2016 @ 01:10 pm
Title: In Midst of the End
Author: Quaggy
Rating: G/FRC
Setting: During "End of Days" and "Chosen"
Pairings: Xander/Anya; Willow/Kennedy; mild Spike/Buffy (even milder than on the show); slightly Giles/Buffy because I apparently have trouble coloring within the lines

Notes: This is an in-fill fic, taking place mainly in between scenes. I've included quotes from the show in italics as markers. It originally was meant to be a general piece reconnecting with Buffy with her friends (like they did season 4) and maybe solve a few plot holes while I was at it. But about halfway through the fic, I realized I was mainly reaching for Giles POV because he was the one that was the most marginalized in those last episodes. So I figured that I would give the man the attention he was due. It wasn't meant to be shippy at all, but I don't think I succeeded.

Summary: On the eve of the big battle, Giles tries to find his balance again.

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Title: OMWF: Standing in the Way
Artist: [livejournal.com profile] spikesredqueen
Characters: Giles, Buffy Summers
Size: 1600 x 900
Screencaptures: Bloodqueen
Lyrics used: Standing in the Way - OMWF soundtrack

Click the thumbnail for the full sized image.

* Please do NOT alter/edit.
* Please do NOT pass my work off as your own.
* Please do NOT post to other sites without my permission.
* Please save to your own server. No hot-linking.
* Resources listed on profile.
* Comments/Credit are LOVE!
Yay I made my second vid in time for the last day!! I will miss Summer of Giles.

Approaching graduation Buffy reflects on the mentor/Watcher/friend who played such an important role in her high school years.