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Sign of the Times (3/4)

Title: Sign of the Times
Pairing: Eventual Buffy/Giles, but for this part slight Buffy/Giles
Rating: Between a PG-13 and a light R
Setting: Comic!verse
Summary: Giles is back in San Francisco, which means it's time to find out if his friendship with Buffy can be rebuilt
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Word count: 1,646
A/N: This fic is now a four parter, with the last part being posted on the free for all day. I've hit a wall and need a little more time to work out the next few parts, but I didn't want to miss my posting day. So enjoy these new three segments!

Two Ghosts

He had been back in San Francisco for a little over a month and Giles still hadn’t been able to talk to the Slayer alone. She wasn’t exactly ignoring him, but she was making sure to not be alone with him or to let their conversations be more than small talk. It was infuriating, really. And as he was getting ready for his morning run, he had decided enough was enough. Instead of going back to the Harris household after his route through Pacific Heights, he had ended up on the doorstep of Buffy’s four-bedroom home in the Marina- which really wasn’t that far considering that four blocks downhill separated the sisters.

The twenty-one year old focused on catching his breath before he knocked on the door. He knew Buffy was home, it was Thursday and she always had Thursdays off from the bistro she worked at on Chestnut. He looked up at the building in front of him; it had been an old apartment building that Xander’s construction company had turned into a house.
According to Dawn, her sister was able to afford it due to the SFPD paying her whenever she helped the Supernatural Task Force, and whenever there was a bodyguard job in the city Kennedy’s company was hiring for. The take away from that conversation had been that the Slayer was doing well for herself, and had only taken up the serving job to give her something to do when she wasn’t babysitting her niece and nephew.

Giles was pulled out of his thoughts when the door opened, revealing a very irritated Buffy. His foot quickly shot forward to keep her from shutting the door in his face.

“We need to talk.” He said.

“Yeah, except we don’t.” she countered.

They stared at each other for a moment before she let go of the door and moved to the side. Giles gave her a small smile and walked in, following her to the kitchen. He stood there awkwardly as she moved about, handing him a glass of water in a matter of minutes. He quietly thanked for before drinking half the glass; in his anxiousness waiting for Buffy to answer the door, he had somehow forgotten just how thirsty his run had made him.

“Why did you do a four room?” the ex-Watcher asked when the silence got to be too much.

“So Joy and Logan have their own rooms when they stay over, plus an actual guest room.”

They fell into small talk, as always since his return to the Bay. But he was taking this as a small step since she wasn’t rushing him out of her home. As they talked, Giles couldn’t help but notice how he wasn’t the only one who had changed in the five years he was away; there was now a sense of happiness and content surrounding the Slayer that hadn’t been there before. As well as a sense of identity outside of being the Slayer, and all he could do was smile softly.

“What?” Buffy’s question caught him off guard, and he felt his cheeks heat up.

“I just…you’ve changed.” He said, his smile becoming brighter. “You have a beautiful home, a job you actually enjoy, a family…you’ve found yourself, and it shows.”

“I never had to find myself, Giles. I’ve known who I was since I was Called.” The teasing eye roll brought back a time when they were best friends.

“I meant outside of being the Slayer, the type of finding I still haven’t accomplished.”

“You’re still young.” She pointed out, and all he could do was blush even more. “Speaking of, it’s a little weird seeing you looking like Mr. GQ.”

And just like that, it felt like old times as they both started laughing. This wasn’t the first time he had been called that; Faith had started calling him ‘GQ’ when had gone back to London. Over the years he had traded his glasses for contacts, started getting his hair cut and styled more appropriately for someone his age, and started dressing like any normal twenty-something would. After Dawn’s stern pep talk while he had been in New Zealand, he had embraced the fact that legally and physically he was no longer the age he felt mentally.

“Well, it would look weirder if I dressed as an old man.” He said as his laughter died down.

From there they fell into an easy conversation; well, an easier conversation than they would have had at any time over the last five years. And even though they were no longer the same as before, there was a hint of promise that the Slayer and ex-Watcher could be best friends as these two new people.


Dance With You

Giles laughed softly as he watched his friends dance with their significant others. They had all gone out for Buffy’s thirty-fifth birthday, starting with at their favorite karaoke bar and ending at a lounge. He finished what was left of his stout and couldn’t help how some things hadn’t changed; he stood off to the side while he watched his friends have fun. Not that he minded, even this time around he wasn’t much of a dancer.

“I got to say, I’m surprised we were able to convince you to do karaoke.” He turned to see Buffy sit down next to him, holding out a glass of whiskey to him.

“Well, it’s your birthday. And who am I to ruin that?” he grinned as he took the glass, gently clinking it against the glass of wine she held. “Why aren’t you out there dancing with some handsome stud?”

“Because I’d rather spend time with my favorite handsome stud.” She grinned as she playfully bumped his shoulder.

“And I think you’re cut off.” He laughed, teasingly reaching for her glass of wine.

“You know I hate it when you talk down about yourself.”

“Who said I’m doing that? I know I’m a handsome stud.” He grinned as he sipped his drink.

They talked and joked as they watched their friends dance, and Giles couldn’t help but think about how far he and Buffy had come since he had come back seven months ago. It was still a work in progress, but there was promise that their friendship would be what it once was, if not better. During their conversation, the Slayer had turned away three men that had asked her to dance. And when she turned down the fourth, the ex-Watcher sighed.

“What was that sigh for?”

“Hmm?” Giles looked up from his empty glass.

“You sighed the sigh that says you’re disappointed.” Buffy explained as she gave him a pointed look.

“I just…I don’t want you to feel like you have to keep me company. I’ll be alright if you go enjoy yourself.”

“I didn’t say no because I feel like I have to babysit you.” She gave him a teasing smile at the eye roll. “I said no because if I’m going to dance with anyone, it’s going to be you.”

Before he could say anything, she took his glass and set it down with hers. She pointedly ignored his confusion as she dragged him to his feet and towards the others.


Kiss Me Slowly

Giles smiled as he handed Buffy her second glass of wine before settling into the outdoor couch. The Slayer had thrown a family BBQ on the rooftop, one of the perks of living in the city she had once told him. But that was hours ago and now it was just the two of them, reminiscing about days long gone.

“I have to ask, why did you really want to have this get together?” he asked after a moment, taking a sip of the cheap beer that Andrew had brought over.

“It’s been two years since you came back home.” She said simply.

He hadn’t expected that to be her answer. Not knowing what to say, he gave her a soft smile and thanked her quietly.

“Can I ask you something?” the Slayer asked after a moment.

“You can ask me anything, Buffy.”

“Why haven’t you dated anyone since you got back?” he opened his mouth to say something, only to close it at the expression on her face. “And don’t say it’s because you don’t have time or go out. I’ve even seen people give you their number when we all go out.”

Giles looked down at the bottle in his hand and swirled the liquid. He considered coming up with a small lie but decided against it. Buffy deserved better; in fact she deserved the truth. It wasn’t fair to keep his feelings from her; especially after how hard they had worked to get back their friendship. He just hoped that their friendship could survive what he was about to do.

“Because it wouldn’t be fair to anyone.” He said softly, keeping his eyes on the bottle. “Because I can’t get into a relationship when I have feelings for someone else.”

“Care to share with the class?”

“It’s you.” He whispered, knowing that Slayer hearing would allow her to know what he had said.

“You have feelings like lusty feelings, or romantic feelings?” he felt Buffy turn closer to him.

“If it was just about sex then I would have gotten over it years ago.” Giles answered, taking a small breath before looking at her.

He braced himself for the slap or however she would lash out. What he wasn’t prepared for was to watch her lean forward before kissing him. He knew he should pull away and actually talk about this with her, but then she deepened the kiss and he knew he was a goner. Things were quickly escalating between them and the window to stop things was getting smaller every section.

“Bedroom. Now.” Buffy breathed.

Just like that, the window was closed.

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