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It is happening again! (sticky post)

Summer of Giles 2017 is now open for 2017!

Remember, you should only post on your assigned days with the exception of July 31st which is a free for all day. Obviously there are timezone variations which may mean overlap in some cases, but if you blatantly post on someone else's day, we will be strict about it.

There are still blank days on the calendar you can book (see here).

You can sign up for one of these (see here).

For all the rules (see here).

If you have any issues, please contact the mods. We have an email you can use: summerofgiles @ gmail dot com

Finally as a headsup, there will be some Drabble Challenge days organised by the mods. The first of these will run from Tuesday June 6th to Thursday 8th June when we will play last line/ first line drabbles. See this post in [community profile] giles_shorts to get the general idea. Full details on the first day.

Now, let the festivities begin!
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Quick question:

Are crossovers okay? I meant to ask when I signed up (my bad). No worries if not, I'm just busy sorting what I'm posting, when and where at the moment, and the answer will help me decide. =)